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Load Cell - Touchscreen Haptic Feedback (165)

Application Summary

As automotive entertainment UIs become more sophisticated, it’s become harder to control them hands free without looking directly at the screen. The lack of tactile feedback results in the user’s brain wanting to look at the screen to confirm input selection. By incorporating load cells to measure contact force, the on-board computer can confirm correct and incorrect inputs using varying vibrations, ensuring the driver that their input was correctly registered.

Products in Use

Four LSB200 Jr. Miniature S-Beam Load Cells each paired with an IDA100 Digitally Configurable Amplifier 

Touchscreen Haptic Feedback
How it Works
  1. An LSB200 Jr. Miniature S-Beam Load Cell is placed behind each of the touch screen bezel mount points. A bolt passes through each load cell holding both the screen and load cell in place.

  2. As the user taps the screen, the load cells measure the tap force.

  3. This force is then amplified via the IDA100 which is running off the cars 12V accessory power line.

  4. The amplified signal is sent to the entertainment systems computer which drives a vibrator motor proportionally in response to the contact force.

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