Return Or Repair (RMA) - (FAQ)
Upon submittal of this form, a RMA number with shipping instructions will be provided within 24 hours.
Terms and Conditions
Upon approval, the following restocking fees will apply with a minimum of $150 or 20% (whichever is greater)
  • 1-30 days = 20 %
  • 31-60 days = 40%
  • 61-90 days = 60 %
  • 91- 120 days = 80 %
  • Greater than 120 days = not returnable
  • Time is of the essence. Units must be received within 14 business days from the date RMA is issued to qualify for the restocking fee stated at time of RMA creation. Items received after this date may have an adjusted restocking fee.
  • Credit to be issued an after evaluation determining condition of units. Any alterations to unit will void return.
  • Parts that are considered custom or modified builds do not qualify for returns.
    • accessories, cables, services, and software do not qualify for returns..
  • Only items purchased through FUTEK or official representative may be returned for credit.
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